New Book Release

The Metamorphosis Of A Heart: The Butterfly Effect
By Greg Wilson
Book Signing:  Saturday October 24th, 2015
Los Angeles, Ca
Metamorphosis of a Heart is a story about a young african american man’s journey and transition through his teenage years to adult hood in Southern California’s L.A. County streets. The book is a shinning light of truth, and the writer explores the harsh and sometimes dark realities of homelessness, love, homosexuality, and relationships. This is an very empowering story of faith, along with amazing poetry that takes you through a vivid description of the metamorphosis of a heart, the butterfly effect.


DM Ink Publishing New Book Release


Title: Metamorphosis Of A Heart
Book Release Date: October 24th, 2015
Book Signing Date: 10/24/15
Location: Los Angeles, Ca
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New Book Release: DM Ink Adult Coloring Book


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New Book Release “The Metamorphosis Of A Heartt” By Greg Wilson, Oct 24th, 2015


Book Excerpt:

It also might simply be that I am a passionate person who has always felt in tune with his heart. One thing I’ve learned about being passionate is that passion brings both pleasure and pain. And pain comes at you in a lot of ways. Some catch you off guard. With some people, it’s the pain that comes after a loved one passes. For others pain comes when a close family member or friend disappoints, and for others pain comes from feeling passionate about living when all that surrounds you is despair. Some of my pain has come from the revelation that someone I loved and cherished was cheating on me and deciding that I just wasn’t enough for him. That pain was especially unbearable. But like I say, pain can come at you hard when you least expect it.