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(Full Video) L.P.C.C Chatsworth Campus Broadcast of D-Mitch The Poet Performing A Spoken Word Poetry Set.

Watch the full video of the L.P.C.C Broadcast of Darrell Mitchell II a.k.a D-Mitch The Poet Performing a spoken word poetry set with this link! #BeInspired


My Opinion On Fear Based Opinions:

My Opinion On Fear Based Opinions:

Everyone has a free will to believe and express their opinions. Whether it’s rooted in fear, experience, faith or just plan foolishness.

Headed back to Atlanta to start filming in about a week or so…..I remember when I first left L.A people where telling me not to go. business affiliates and friends literally told me that I wouldn’t be successful at all if I moved to Atlanta, they said I had lost my mind and that my spoken word career was over………..Well a few movies, lots of gigs and #1 rankings later we all witness that those opinions did not come true……Funny enough the same people that initially doubted and voiced their opinion are still quiet, in a grumpy way…….lol..maybe it’s that they don’t want to face the fact that they were wrong and in full of fear……Fast forward, after I decided to head back to L.A from the ATL for the business, the same thing happened………

I had a plan but people thought i was crazy to drive to L.A through 9 states and a winter storm for the first time on faith too lol…..They would say “Man your crazy, it’s too good out here in the Atl”…”Your doing so good in the A, why would you leave now?…”Your nuts” lol…. #DeJaVu But nevertheless I left with Jesus riding shotgun and we made the trip safety, booked major gigs, working on major deals, networked with amazing professionals, and more to come…..…..The saga continues!!!! #dmthepoet #TheTakeover #WarriorOnAMission #FaithOverFear
#BeCarefulWhoYouListenTo #GodKnowsBest #ImAWitness

The moral of this story is…..Live your life, don’t let people cast their fear based opinions upon you when God has a plan, purpose and call on your life. It will stop you from realizing and achieving your potential in life and it will keep you on that scary level……There is more to life, SO LIVE IT!