Radio show interview for the release of my new book! The art of spoken word poetry!

What’s up world, I’m promoting the release of my new book  ‘THE ART OF SPOKEN WORD POETRY’ on the radio!!  The show will be this Thursday, March 29, at 7:00pm PST.  To tune in visit; If you would like to support, you can listen via the phone on the radio line by calling 718-664-6543! Let’s get it! thank you ahead of time for those who plan to support!!


The art of spoken word-Table of contents

Table of Contents


-Spoken word.

-Performance poetry.

-Message content structure.

-Making characters interesting.

-Varying content and delivery style.

-Voice projection.

-Using your voice.

-Making the most out of your voice.

-Movement and gesture.

-Understanding body language.

-Making a positive first impression.

-A strong start

-Relating to your audience.

-Keeping audience attention.

-A strong ending.

New website address-

Ok it looks like I won’t be using the old darrell mitchell 2 website address that I put out all over the place. lol the new address will be 

I will edit and remove the address from my paperback’s and e book’s as well. As far as the videos go I’ll edit those later on after I take care of a few other things first. But I hope you all enjoy the site and share it with your family and friends. Have a great evening I’m shutting it down for the night.