Poetic: Spoken Word Pieces

Poetic Scribble:
Spoken word pieces

One hot humid day in the ATL
There was a SPOKEN WORD cd on ITUNES by DMitch the poet for sale 😉
But I soon heard a young lady quietly yell that sixteen wasn’t enough,
So I called her bluff and said here,
Take that, take that and take that,
But be aware I don’t talk about maybachs, hoodrats or stackin racks,
But I do wanna purchase a flat,

for my mamma,

So she can live in peace

Away from all the drama,

That the hood brings,
Some say I hood sing,
That means I spit….I mean recite poetry about the harsh and great things real life reality brings to you in 3-D,
I’m speaking outside the box so you can see thee Words that get it hot.
Inspiring lazy content souls to move and shake is like getting water to flow out of a rock.
but anything is possible though,
So I sow them seeds
To get a kingdom harvest
Pardon my kings mentality
But I chase away darkness with the light
Hear my plight
I let the words flow from the right brain
Then I organize it with the left
If sixteen wasn’t enough
Let me not overwhelm you with the rest of this hope,
But take this good word in spoken word pieces,I don’t want you to choke!
DM The Poet