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New Book Release – Spanish Version


Mom , why the sky is blue is the first in a series of children’s books by the author that promote reading , family values ​​and community support through art and poetic literature. The inspiring original artwork & poetry describes a loving and very heartfelt conversation that takes place between mother and son about life and the world in which we live.
English/Spanish Version Available



Dr. Rosie Milligan
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Nineteenth Annual Black Writers On Tour Conference And Southern California Black Business Expo All Under One Roof —In Carson California.Dr. Rosie Milligan brings the Black Writers On Tour Writers’ Conference and Southern California BlackBusiness Expo together all under one roof in Carson, California—a Los Angeles neighboring city. Thispowerful one-day event will be held on Saturday, April 18, 2015 from 9:00 A.M to 6:00 P.M at theCongresswoman JMM Community Center, 801 E. Carson Street, Carson, California 90746. This conferencewill be more dynamic than ever, showcasing more than 100 Black authors, and 50 plus black businessesshowing their products and services. There will be literary agents and publishers gathering for this powerfulone-day event. The publishing industry has changed; the Internet, Social Media, E-books and Print-On-Demandhave taken the publishing industry in a completely new direction. The days are gone forever for aspiring writersto have to beg and to wait to have their work published. This conference has been designed to provide writersand aspiring writers with the practical information they need to be successful in the literary industry. This year’stheme is, “Literacy is Everybody’s Business—Businesses Thriving Versus Surviving?” There will be localauthors and authors from across the country participating. For past events we have had 3,000 plus in attendance.Black Writers On Tour & Southern California Black Business Expo is designed to connect writers withreaders, and consumers with black businesses. There will be workshops and seminars for writers/aspiringwriters and for the general public. There will be book signings throughout the day. You will get a chance to meetand greet authors from across the country. THIS YEAR’S HIGHLIGHTS: 1. THE RENOWNED DR. CLAUD ANDERSON IS BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND. HE WILL SPEAK AT 12 NOON.2. LET THE CHILDREN SPEAK WRITER’S CONTEST & SHOWCASE, AND A CHILDREN’S FREE WRITING CLASS AGES 10-15—CHILDREN OF ALL ETHNICITY. 3. SHOWCASING OUR YOUNGEST AUTHOR, HE IS 10 YEAR OLD4. IRMA RESENDEZ, AUTHOR AND FOUNDER OF FAMILLIA UNIDA WILL PRESENT A SEMINAR, “INCREASE YOUR AUDIENCE AND BOOK SALES VIA SHARING YOUR LITERARY WORK IN ENGLISH AND SPANISH.”5. DARRELL MITCHELL, II, WILL PRESENT “HOW TO TURN YOUR BOOK INTO AN AUDIO BOOK: THE READING CHALLENGED AND THE VISUALLY IMPAIRED WOULD LOVE TO HEAR YOUR STORY TOO.” 6. THERE WILL BE A POETRY JAM COMPETITION—WIIN CASHWriters’ workshops will be held throughout the day and will cover a variety of topics and including, “Howto write and publish your book made simple.” Visit http://www.blackwritersontour.com for seminar scheduler or call(323) 750-3592