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Hearts of Avon (Unabridged)

If you have ever wanted to hear D-Mitch The Poet read a love story, well here you go. I’m actually narrating this thrilling romance novel word for word as an audiobook. The title of the book is called Hearts of Avon (Unabridged) written by Scott J Toney. Available on audible.com and iTunes!  


Itunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/audiobook/hearts-of-avon-unabridged/id794159852 


Hearts of Avon (Unabridged) by Scott Toney

Hearts of Avon (Unabridged) by Scott Toney

Hearts of Avon (Unabridged) by Scott Toney

  In Avon, a beach town along the Outer Banks of North Carolina, Ben is falling fast for the beautiful and intelligent Caroline, even as they both deal with her stalker ex-boyfriend who has followed her south on vacation.

As Ben learns the depths of the other man’s madness his and Caroline’s relationship runs into another wall, level 3 Hurricane Irene moving quickly toward the Outer Banks. When the storm arrives, all of their lives will be drastically changed.

How will they learn to cope with the consequences? When they are tested with a disaster on the brink of their comprehension, how will they pick up the pieces of their lives?