Free Seminars For The General Public

1. Roundtable Discussion With Authors. (A Close-Up Look At The Publishing Industry).
Authors Share Their Successful Marketing Strategies.
Presenter: Dr. Rosie Milligan and guests.
2. Children Writing Class Contest Showcase.
Presenters: E.L. Henderson, educator, and Dr. Eva Holmes, author, educator, Alice Houston,
educator; Dr. Claudia Holmes, author, educator.
3. A Close-Up Look At The politics of Street Lit, Urban Literature, AKA Ghetto or Gangster
Lit. Is this genre of literature helpful or harmful? And Is Street Lit Something New In Black
Culture? It Is Time To Look At The Positive That Has Evolved From Street Lit.
Presenter: Dr. David Horne, author, college professor for multiple universities, professor of
Critical Thinking and African Political-Economic History. He teaches Urban Lit and Introduction
to Black American Culture.
4. Children Writing Class.
Presenters: Barbara Satterfield, author, educator; E.L. Henderson, author, educator/trainer, Alice
Houston, educator, Dr. Eva Holmes, author, educator, Dr. Claudia Holmes, author, educator.
5. Teaching/ Entertaining/Empowering Children/Youth To Dream And To Have A Desire To
Presenter: Roger Tinsley is a pioneer in the Real Life Super Hero Movement and a Motivation
speaker/CEO/Actor. He is an author, and he is the only urban super hero that literally keeps
children out of danger via teaching them how to be safe by empowering them and teaching them
about safety, obesity and literacy. DangerMan has a video on Youtube title, “Girls Aren’t For Sale.
He has an action/adventure web series the DangerMan Chronicles.
6. A Close-Up look At Jobs/Careers In The Publishing Industry—Many!
Presenters: Clinton D. Johnson, author, graphic designer, illustrator, publisher; Shenita Moore,
author, web designer; Pamela McCullough, educator, author, publisher; John Milligan, author,
publisher, newspaper editor; George Hooks, author, graphic designer, newspaper editor; Damien
Halliburton, social media specialist, website/commercial development; Jay De Vance, III, author,
graphic designer, illustrator, cartoonist.
7. Let The Elders Speak (A Forum Of Elders Ages 65–100) “Facing Today’s Challenges” The
Role Of The Elders And What They Must Do To Shape A Better Future For The Next Generation.
Facilitator: Kenyaka Beckley.
8. Learn How To Ace The Interview: You Have The Skills and The Education Required. Now
Learn The Keys That Make You Out Distance The Others.
Presenter: Stuart Taylor, author and job coach.
9. Handling Your Business Like A Real Business: The Profit Centers You Can Develop (Stop
Leaving Money On The Table!)
Presenter: Deborah Thorne, author, trainer, coined as “The Information Diva”.



Saturday, April 18, 2015
9:00 A.M. – 6 P.M.
Paid Seminars For Writers And Aspiring Writers
Pkg. #1 $50 for one seminar. Pkg. #2 $75 for two seminars. Pkg. #3 $100 for all seminars.
1. How To Write A Book Made Simple, Set Up Your Publishing Company, Your Publishing
Options, The Nuts & Bolts Of Publishing
Presenter: Darrell Mitchell II author, publisher, speaker and talk-show host.
2. How To Write A Best-Selling Novel
Presenter: Dr. Maxine Thompson, author, publisher, literary agent, talk-show host.
3. Creative Writing Class For Beginners
Presenter: Frederick Williams, professor, author, publisher.
4. How To Develop Characters That Leap Off The Page
Presenter: Dr. Roland Jefferson, M.D., author and publisher.
5. How To Operate A Successful Home-based Business; Recordkeeping For Tax Compliance.
Presenters: L.C. Green, author, business/tax consultant, and Clara Hunter King, ESQ, author,
6. Electronic Book (e-book) VS Printed Books; the pluses/minuses of both, and which one is
right for your book.
Presenter: Leo Sullivan, President of Leo Sullivan Multimedia, Inc.; animator, founder/president
7. Increase Your Audience And Book Sales Via Sharing Your Literary Work To A Diverse
Culture Via English To Spanish Translation.
Presenter: Irma Resendez: author, publisher speaker, trainer, and founder/President of Familia
8. The Hook That Sells The Book: Learn How To Get The Attention Of The Print Media,
Radio/Television Talk Show Hosts, And How To Obtain The Number One Position On
Presenter: Dr. Grace Cornish, nationally acclaimed author, publisher, marketing guru, &
television beloved guest.
9. Learn How To Turn Your Book Into An Audio Book. The Reading Challenged Market and
the Visually Impaired Would Love To Hear Your Stories Too.
Presenter: TBA
10. How To Protect Your Writing Rights, Trademark, and Patent Rights.
Presenter: Monica Guillemin Williams, J.D., PA-C, author, and publisher.