Spoken Word Poem- I still Love You by D-Mitch The Poet


I’m made in the image of a King

So I’m attracted to your attributes because your queenly 

Which feels me

With a fire that fuels my burning desire to acquire

I’m not a liar but more inspired by sweetness rather than bitterness

Which motivates me to achieve higher goals in life

I’m a warrior by nature but I’m just as powerful with you as my wife

And there’s nothing like a women that is dedicated and loyal

So when I see you out and about and I if haven’t lost my nerve, I’ll speak

Just promise me you wont get rid of your curves or become weak

Stay strong and I’ll support and love you every minute of the day 24 hours a week

You don’t need an imagination just look into my eyes

And get a glimpse of the picture I’m painting

You have the ability to raise nations and create royalty

Even with other Kings going mentally insane 

You remained on the throne

Picked up the sword and grabbed a shield and still you took care of home

No more than a stones throw away

You overcome the adversity of anything that gets in your way

I’ll never stray

You’ve been abandoned and mishandled so let me 

Show you how I can appreciate you

I want to

Even though you may not want me

Women are like  priceless portraits

When you don’t know how to handle one

You can ruin that masterpiece

So I release this poetic thesis

A love story slash confession dash addressing

What has been ignored

Never no more mi amor

Hear it from yours truly

Im your biggest fan

Cheering you on to be all that you can be

Of course that means in life and with me as your man 

Which is a combination of what we both see

Not the letter but the word

A collaboration of whats observed in dreamland

All together you are a wonderful woman

And I just want to be your wonderful man.Image


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