Spoken Word By D-Mitch The Poet Everyday Inventions


Everyday Inventions

Now pay close attention,
Like in school when you follow directions.
Because what I’m about to mention may surprise you.
Of stories untold, and buried like treasure.
Invisible thoughts brought to life, more valuable than gold.
Black history, Black stories let’s talk,
Many things we own & many things that are bought.
From the supersoaker to electronic devices for the IBM computer.
The pacemaker and the gas mask which helps protect our soliders.
Even the propellers the propel airplanes through the air.
The remote control apparatus, peanut butter & even a lotion that helps grow your hair.
If these things were never created, how would life change? 
How would we knead dough?
Would the locomotion smoke stack had ever been made?
Spark plugs for cars, how would we plant and harvest corn.
I’m glad everyone has a reason and purpose for their life when their born.
I’m going to need a golf tee if I’m ever to perfect my golf swing.  
And without an ironing board how would I get rid of wrinkles, steam?
It’s a good idea but some inventions just make life easier, like parts for a cell phone, a typewriter, lawnmower and cosmetics.
But without reminders like black history month, 
How easily we can forget.
Because you are inventing things also, as life goes on and on.
And your inventions will be here long after you move on.
Things like the lantern and a bookcase were created by African Americans. 
Contributing to society, by using their imaginations.  
So just think, wouldn’t it be nice to be remembered and appreciated for the things you make in this world.  
And all the smiles that you put on the faces belonging to the men, women, boys and girls.
Here I stand in front of you, explaining how imagination has no color.
Celebrating our history through inventions which help us in one way or another. 
Raise your hand real high, if you are surprised by some of these inventions. 
Ancestors of slavery, civil rights and inequality.
Yet, nothing stopped their creativity
Now think back on the things I mentioned and how they benefit you and me.
And never forget how everyday things are apart of our black history.
Darrell Mitchell II


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