Darrell Mitchell II is a five time published author, publisher and professional motivational speaker.

Darrell Mitchell II is a five time published author, publisher and professional motivational speaker.

Darrell Mitchell II is a five time published author, publisher and professional motivational speaker. Since 1999 Darrell Mitchell II has written and performed as a Spoken Word Artist known as D-Mitch the Poet and also is a seminar motivational speaker for The Black Writers on Tour workshop based out of Los Angeles, California. The author has also produced and written two spoken word albums, consisting of thirty records total, eight eBooks, a four piece line of artwork called “words in color”, and inspirational products from t-shirts to key chains. The author currently has a poetry anthology collection, spoken word albums, artwork and performance videos that have gone viral and are currently viewed numerous times a throughout the day on national and international channels and websites.

The writer has also been featured in magazine articles and websites in The United kingdom and other countries as well spotlighting his performances from poetry showcases. He has also performed at the historic Dorothy Chandler Pavillion, annual theatre playwright contest, community outreach projects, performing arts programs called P-Arts, DM Ink for kids and creative writing workshops.

Darrell has participated in various community outreach and business discussion panels as an authority in publishing, creative writing, poetry and social issues within our families and neighborhoods. He also assisted with hosting and sponsoring the 2011 Jamaica poetry slam cruise campaign, managed weekly open mic show case events. As well as acting in plays like “What they say they want” the television series” 24”, and hosted for urban America Today-Atlanta and a content writer for Jericho Broadcast Networks. Darrell is also the acting music director for WXRP Radio based out of Atlanta, GA. He is also a radio personality for Conscious Groove Sunday’s, Inc. where he co-hosts a weekly Spoken word poetry Online Radio show and is currently working on a lead movie role called “What they say they want” set to be released this year.
The author’s story has been described as inspirational, powerful and enlightening. Most importantly he represents a family-friendly brand, which address everyday aspects of life and offers a different perspective. Through his work author has moved generations, influenced ideas, and empowered readers and listeners to enjoy life and achieve their dreams.
Artist site:www.dmthepoet.com
Company site: http://www.dmitchii.wix.com/dmink
Online Store:


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