BLACK WRITERS ON TOUR Seminar Speaker Darrell Mitchell II-Author, Publisher, Motivational Speaker


The Largest Cultural Event in Southern California for Black America—Black Writers On Tour. It’s larger and more dynamic this years—the Eighteenth Annual. , Sat. April 19, 2014. Meet over 100 authors in one setting. Chat with fiction, non-fiction, self-help, Christian writers, children writers, poetry etc., and free exhibits throughout the day. General admission is free, free parking. Free writing classes for children ages 10-15, children writer’s showcase and Mascot for youth. There are 10 seminars for writers and aspiring writers. Let The Elders Speak Forum:) “Facing Today’s Challenges” The Role Of The Elders And What They Must Do To Shape A Better Future For The Next Generation. 323-750-3592, for seminar topics/schedule The Renowned Dr. Claud Anderson is the keynote speaker. There Is Something For Everybody!

Seminar Speaker-Darrell Mitchell II-Author, Publisher, Motivational Speaker

10:00–11:00 Every Thing You Need To Know When Looking For A Line Editor, Story Editor, Cover Designer, Book Layout Designer, Illustrator, Publisher, Printer, Web Designer, PR Person

Exhibit Booths
Autographed Books, Spoken Word Albums, DM Ink T-Shirts,
Carson, California USA
WHEN: Saturday, April 19, 2014 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
WHERE: The Congresswoman JMM Community Center
801 E. Carson Street
Carson, California 90746
PURPOSE: To give broad public exposure to authors and writers; increase book sales; motivate, and develop aspiring new writers among children and adults; expose parents and educators to materials and programs for reading improvement; provide an outreach platform for publishers and information providers to the buying public, and the literary industry


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