WXRP Radio Conscious Groove Sunday’s 2013 Artist Year in Review

Poetess Breauna Larease
Dasan Ahanu Poet, Playwright, Assistant Professor
Spoken Word Artist Jeronimo Speaks
Poet, community organizer Tannur Shewrightz Ali 
Author and Poetess Michelle D. Bradshaw 
Jamaican American Director Reuben Shaw
Artist Royce Hall aka Jwahari 
Poetess Ursula Belle Ible
Poetess Elitess
Poetess Stacy Wilson
Artist J.Sully
Poetess Kezia Jones
Princess Naki Akrobettoe
Brotha Storm
Poetess, Author Host Tracy Powell
Poet/yoga guru Trooth Heals
Author/Poet Nate Booker Sr.
Anthony Mitchell
Author, Poet Darrell Mitchell II 
Poetess One MO Poetic Soul (Monique Davis)
Poet Vincent Hockett Dichotomy | the poet
Poetess Deborah Magdalena
Poetess Tamara Nikic
Spoken Word Artist Tamika Murphy


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