The Love Universal Project

The Love Universal Project is initially launching as an online event to promote the release of the ebook, spoken word album and documentary video. The ebook (3.99) and spoken word cd (9.99) are currently available online through itunes and amazon. So you can download, read and listen to them whenever you get a chance. 

This event was created as an online watch party so that no matter where you are you can participate, the video will be able to be viewed via your cell phone as well. I will release the video and put out the link on all sites and blogs so that every one around the globe can watch the video around the same time or whenever you get the opportunity. Thank you for all your support I hope you are inspired by The Love Universal Project. The “I Am” documentary/video that was done by 


The New Spoken Word Album-

The Love Universal eBook (Kindle)-

The Love Universal eBook (iPad) –

The “I Am” Documentary/Video- Will be released on 12/15/13 for your viewing pleasure! Stay Tuned!


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