Click clack goes the dice game

Click Clack goes the dice game

It seems like during the hardest of times,
Dice games get started
and as they dance across the ground you hear the
click clack click clack we lack
Get your money out
Who wanna win a stack of green
Anyone can get involved
We can use this wall
All the dope boys, gangsters and hustlers
from short to tall
Can rent out these dice
illegally loaded with weight
Or if your experienced you can slide them with perfection
A master with the rocks
Shake shake shake
I got a winning collection
and I control them like i had telekinesis
Hear the click clack click clack like little mice’s running across the floor
Behind the door or on a piece of card board
It goes down
Feeling yourself?
i’m calling out numbers like a psychic
Put your money on the ground
Money’s moving faster than the speed of light
If I calculate this right
By night I might side bet my way to new heights
twenty he don’t three,
because i foresee he won’t hit it
Throwing dollars like rice
Fives falling like confetti,
High intensity atmosphere
Concrete, money and inner city dice game blues
Broken brick wall back alley’s with grey hues
Whispers of “You can roll behind this trash can
but someone has to look out for the cop’s man
Echoe off the wall with the
click clack click
greed sets in
cash gets lost
Bad choices are made
then you tally up the cost
A slight of the hand a slip of the eye
I can make you think you seen something else
Because the die can”t lie
But men do
and I control them just like puppet masters do
With no strings attached
Invisible to the naked eye
Yet i, instigate a competition
Fluent in influence
and my intentions
are to plant seeds of payback from last game
where your boy left you in shame
and owned everything including your name
Get hood rich quick
fast paced come up
click clack till the sun’s up
and my son’s up
Eating breakfast bought by the money from the dice game
even though it was just a lil change
that cash fell like rain last night
money went up and down like the stock market
currency went from hand to hand
more drug money for some
groceries for others
some do it for the thrill and the fun
some do it to buy medicine for their mothers
when they’re the man of the house
because our colored papas were rolling stones
Click clack click clack we lack so we roll colored stones to pick up the slack.


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