Poetic Scribble: Saggin/Nigg@$

Poetic Scribble Saggin I used to sag my pants just to show I didn’t care, Acting rebellious. But there isn’t anything manly about showing off your underwear, …

Or throwing the N-word in the air. Because of fear and ignorance I practiced disobedience, Not knowing and nobody showing me the truth. I had to grow up before I realized which words were killing me in my youth. Mimicking what started in the jailhouse sagging with my backside out, and my pants down low. I didn’t know that the down low inmates used that as a signal. Unaware of what I was doing and how it looked, The dumbest thing I can do is to imitate a crook. Even when it looked and sounded cool to other fools, Until I realized I was using the devils tools. I rather receive a promise by obeying God’s rules, Speaking blessings instead of curses. Pronouncing power in my verses, Now I feel valuable instead of worthless. Now I got my mouth right and my belt on tight Living through Christ and I’m not stopping without a fight. I’m not really a fan of twisted speech, So I had to speak like I’m preparing to preach. And study the word like I’m training to teach, And it makes me think. Saggin never made me no money And is that why I used to get mad when somebody disrespectfully looked at me funny. Our elders and folks that live that lifestyle know what saggin means. But in today’s day and age it’s all the rage, Can’t help but feel like someone has tricked us. When sagging and the n-word are African Americans top two soul killas, Isn’t it funny what saggin spelled backwards is the word n…! DMII For more poetry and spoken word visit itunes, simfy, spotify, soundcloud, reverbnation, amazon, barnes and noble for ebooks and MP3’s. #BeInspired DM Ink Publishing-http://dmitchii.wix.com/dmink

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