Poetic Scribble: The hunger remains

Poetic Scribble: The Hunger remains

It’s raining and pouring problems, Signs of lighting, sounds of thunder are drowned out by, Screams for help, cries of hunger that are pleading and trying to survive. Requesting daily bread but found out it was faith they needed instead. Prayers were answered and the bread came. The savior who brought the bread soon was considered a stranger as a dissatisfied hater with a negative soul yelled out  “danger, danger the bread is too old”! The fear of being poisoned to death was planted in their ears, Consuming their hearts and confounding the minds. Soon their peer’s cheers cause them to abandon faith in crunch time. When they were just on the verge of winning, and just because of a lie someone possibly dies.  The bread was what they needed but someone who couldn’t read, Read the wrong information.  Publishing the wrong news pouring anger and panic into the situation.  They began to destroy the food, and started knocking it out of the hands of those who weren’t fooled.  So some had to run and hide what they had, while others continued stomping and crushing it into Powder and looking to do the same with what was left. The savior who brought the bread had to leave in order to save the rest.  Now their hunger still remains prayers were answered and the bread came but because of the lack of wisdom and understanding their hunger still remains. DMII

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