Poetic Scribble:Naturally Spiritual

ArtistPoetic Scribble: Naturally Spiritual Naturally spiritual …

Naturally spiritual, and faith beyond visuals, With Christ in me, outwardly show the residuals. I prefer A Godly relationship over traditional religious rituals, So I put my faith in grace not chemicals Realizing some situations are heaven sent. Elevating us thru life to the next level of Christian growth without a dent, To our hearts. I have to find my own light before I can lead in the dark. It’s easy to get used to pushing around all your worries in a grocery cart. Until Jesus took the weight off my shoulders, Kicked the rocks out of my way and crushed the boulders. He is the only true rock, And he left the Holy Spirit with us so that his ministry never stopped. Around the clock, everywhere and all knowing He can keep you covered even when it seems like its raining and pouring Problems and issues. But the lord has his hand over us, While non-believers laugh at us. When I’m thankful for my crown of thorns! I’m starring eye to eye with the devil, as a matter fact I got him by the horns. While God has him on a leash and a clock, So I treat my issues like my taxes And write off my problems. Christ is like my government the only difference is that he solves them. I go thru daily attacks sponsored by the devil and as Christians we have to Over come in order to get to the next spiritual level. And I do this not for me but for my family, friends and enemies, yes my enemies. So my expectation is to live a life that’s heavenly, God promised me, that thru Jesus we are saved. And thru the put downs and hateration from the haternation, I have to be brave.   The world doesn’t play fair and I’ll testify to that, Being a Christian I mean a real Christian you definitely go thru attacks. But that’s just a sign of his covenant to his people So I praise him for my long suffering and thank him because thru all the Negativity and hardships he kept me under his covering. Knowing me better than I know myself, Giving me confidence that it’s alright when I had no one to help. Or when I had no one who would listen he gave me an ear, When I thought all hope is lost, he sent a word that said that said don’t fear. But be fearless and confess that Jesus is my savior. Even when the uphill battle gets harder, And the tension in the air still reminds me that I’m in the trenches. So I flip the switches and over come the oppressor. Even when his attacks just keep coming and coming, I just keep running and gunning And when I’m too mad to speak my heart keeps on humming. A song to … DMII For more inspiring spoken word visit itunes, amazon, barnes and noble, spotify, reverbnation, soundcloud or other music playing apps under Darrell Mitchell II a.k.a DMTHEPOET Company:www.dmitchii.wix.com/dmink Artist:www.dmitchii.wix.com/dmthepoet

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