Poetic Scribble: Word Power

Poetic Scribble: Word Power Reading can get you knowledge, if you haven’t heard And if knowledge is power, then there’s power in words. Words can be like meat, strength-giving and good to eat Like a mirror, it reveals to us what we are and…

what we can be Like a star, it guides like an anchor it can hold you down in a storm and like a fire it burns, cleanses you and keeps you warm It’s like a pearl, a precious gem, like bread, it keeps us fed Like a nail it can set things in a sure place Like honey, they can leave a sweet taste It’s Like gold or priceless treasures Like water, life giving A seed producing life Like milk it’s nourishing Like a sharp sword it’s piercing, it can be a rod or a measuring instrument Like a spur pricking my… DMitch
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