Poetic Scribble-Walk on Water

Poetic Scribble: Walk on Water

I wrote this not just to quote this but to maximize your focus,

With enough truth laced with boldness to unveil earth.

And pray that he sicken me with nothing other than an ill verse.

So as modern day miracles get harder and harder,

I study the word so I can learn to walk on water.

As it gets harder get smarter,

old things become new

Movies and music repeat themselves and creativity is only exposed in a few.

With meekness not weakness, but power and control

I protect, support, and guide my household.

While we peal back knowledge and unfold wisdom,

With deep abyss like insight crystal clear like a prism.

And still theories are inconclusive  and questions are unanswered

While we pounce on the new hot gossip like a starving panther.

While lost in the wilderness of media and numerous diagnosis,

We perceive our personal truths and try not to loose focus.

These days children are worshipping hocus pocus,

Or being raised by everything from violent video games, negative heavy metal music and negative rap.

I’m surprised at how we still wonder why some grow up influenced to commit violent acts.

With no history just misery and high speed chases everyday literally.

I’m watching people disappear and no ones taking this seriously

. As the swim for paradise gets seemingly farther and farther

I hold on to the word so I can…

DM The Poet www.dmitchii.wix.com/dmthepoet To show support for this spoken word poetry movement you can visit amazon, barnes and noble, and itunes for more poetry and music!


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