Poetic Scribble: Time
Time is of the essence and it’s ever present
So I value time down to the second
Ever notice how far and fast words can travel

Time can be fit inside a line hidden until it’s unraveled.
It’s a battle when time says to wake up and I’m still tired,
I have to get up and get to work for
the job I just got hired for
Before I get fired for,
Not being on time
 Rushing to get ready seems like it’s time I’m racing,
In and out of traffic during this time I’m waiting and debating.
I’m looking at my watch and it’s irritating me,
Can’t see time but I can feel how it’s affecting me.
To grow in patience by waiting, you can call it wait training
Not physical but mental, and nobody likes to be kept waiting
Folks are chasing after time in the morning and trying to catch it in the evening,
Frustrated when you loose time even when your sleeping.
More precious and valuable than gold or diamonds,
Since the beginning of time man has been trying to find out…
For more poetry visit www.dmitchii.wix.com/dmthepoet or download books/ebooks/MP3’s from amazon, itunes or barns and noble as well as other online outlets.  Enjoy! DM Ink Publishing think.write.live

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