Poetic Scribble: *ILLUMINATI*
I’m so anti-Illuminati
Follow what, deceive who, not me
You can call me a smart aleck or just call me Touch’e
But I’m like a modern day urban poet laureate
I bought into the American dream & woke up to a nightmare.
I’m so pro freedom of speech I dare you to ask me if I care.
Somtimes I ask myself if I care too much
Always spilling my guts & going on about such and such.

It took me time to grow into an artistically inclined CEO.
Now out of thin air I create influential material
The highest form of recognition is fame
It’s powerfully addicting plus it’ll drive you insane.
It’s one of the three top human motivators
And it has the world acting somewhat strang’e
I used to chase recognition
But the more business minded I got
I became more passionate about this race
Then I heard I could win by standing in my prayer place.
So I’m Holding my ground & looking face to face at adversity.
And the nerve of me to do somthing out of a good heart.
When ever since the start of my tick tock
I’ve been enrolled into the school of hard knocks
From the bottom to the top the middle class is disappearing in certain states
So pray you’re an heir to a million dollar estate with assets.
I don’t forget or regret so I live my life very passionately.
Sticking to my west coast roots because we are so civil rights political with it and we speak the truth.
So POOF! POW! BOOM! Be gone!
My faith is too strong
My bro’s used to try & enlighten me by saying it was the man holding them down.
Now they say the ILLUMINATI does it through wordly songs!
  DM The Poet Www.dmitchii.wix.com/dmthepoet For more material visit amazon, Barns and noble or itunes!

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