The formula has been perfected,

And the audience gets neglected,

only speaking to be better than the next,

Hating and copying who’s up next,  Or who’s on first.

No matter who’s on earth,

I want words that will quench my thirst

And Come crashing down on land like ocean surf,

Powerful and louder than breaking white water

I speak easy and breathe deep I think clearly and do me

I diligently practice articulating my ABC’s

Words are words but some straddle the fence

Not all are super bad their just medieval

Poets traveling as a new age minstrels

Sentencing your soul using phrases and sentences

They stiff arm topics like character development

A real poet is like an elephant in the room amongst watered down copies,

I’m the tree that fell in the forest and nobody spotted me,

So complex with extras, I know I’m a piece of work,

Deeper than the universe with no curses to emphasize my verses

I have too much respect for your soul, so no spirit bombs penned by my palm

To destroy your mind,

we see this but words have power to cause your perception to be uncovered or blacked out like dark blinds.

Like dark minds

Any photographer can take pictures, but if you don’t understand the light

It doesn’t matter because Those flicks are just random pics that cannot be seen like dark matter.

DMitch the poet


This piece is from my 3rd book Testaments of my life vol.2 which is available through Amazon and Barns and noble, also in E book format.


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