Publicizing your book- what are press materials?

Press Materials and what it can consist of

Writing effective press materials means that you or your publicist must convey the essence of your book in an appropriate format.  There are different types of press materials that serve specific purposes:

A press release is a general summary of your book with the most newsworthy or interesting points mentioned up front.

-Pitch letters offer you to interviewers as a guest or interview subject.

suggested interview questions make a reporter’s job easier by laying out the salient discussion points about your book.

A media alert informs the press of an event and what’s interesting about it.

A press kit contains all the elements that could interest the media in you, including a pitch letter with story angels, suggested interview questions, a press release, possibly also a topical press release, your bio, and perhaps your photo.

An online press kit allows you to make your press material accessible in a most efficient way.

info from:

An insider’s guide to getting your book the attention it deserves.

Publicize your book

by Jacqueline Deval


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