This is a CALL FOR INTERNATIONAL SUBMISSIONS of Inspirational, empowering and powerful spoken word or poetry pieces:

Title: A world of inspiration

Submissions close May, 2012

The book will be packaged in an 8 ½ by 5 ½ book size. In general, a maximum of 20 lines is best for each piece as this is the amount of text that will fit on one book page. If your selection will not work within 20 lines, you can submit a maximum of 30 lines (the equivalent of two book pages). However, I can only accept a few of the longer pieces.  For prose pieces, a maximum of 150 words will fit on one book page. The final manuscript for a world of inspiration is due May 31st, 2012

DM Ink Publishing hopes to publish the book before the summer of 2012, but it may be delayed due to submissions.   Thank you for your patience with reading the submissions. The compensation for one-time rights is one complimentary copy of the book.

You are welcome to forward this announcement to other interested writers. * * * * * I look forward to receiving your submissions for a world of inspiration! Best wishes, Darrell Mitchell II Publisher/Author/Poet of two spoken word cd’s & four books.  For more information about the author and publishing company please visit  or follow me on Twitter! @DMThePoet as well as facebook under @dmthepoet

Send all submission or inquiries via email with “A World of Inspiration” in the subject box to:


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